Contact Lens Exams

Every year, more and more people make the transition from prescription eyeglasses to contact lenses. Contact lens technology has advanced significantly in the last few decades, and there is a lens design that can fit the needs of virtually everyone. Making the switch from eyeglasses to contact lenses requires a comprehensive eye exam as well as a contact lens exam and fitting.

What is a contact lens exam?

Contact lens exams are different from regular eye exams. A comprehensive eye examination will include visual acuity testing with an eye chart, as well as eye health tests and a refractive error test. If you are making the switch to contact lenses, your doctor will complete the standard eye and vision testing then begin to gather additional information about your lifestyle and preferences when it comes to contact lenses. A contact lens fitting will follow the exam and discussion.

Reasons for contact lens exams

Contact lenses are not one size fits all. If a contact lens is too steep or too curved, it can cause significant eyestrain, discomfort, and damage. That is why it is important for patients to undergo a comprehensive contact lens exam and fitting.

If you are considering contact lenses, schedule an appointment with an experienced optometrist.

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