Floaters, Flashes, and Spots

Eye floaters and spots are deposits of various sizes and shapes that seem to swim or "float" across vision. Everyone describes these visual symptoms differently; for some, the floaters resemble annoying gnats flying around their face, for others, it is more like tiny squiggles or cobwebs in their field of vision.

For the most part, floaters and flashes are harmless. However, they can also be a symptom of a serious eye condition like retinal detachment. If you suddenly start seeing flashes, floaters, or spots, make an appointment to see a vision specialist.

Eye floaters, flashes, and spots become more common with age. The appearance of flashes and floaters can be alarming, especially if they come into view suddenly. 

The sudden and persistent appearance of floaters and flashes can be indicative of a serious eye health concern like a retinal tear or detachment. You should seek immediate attention with an eyesore professional.

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